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Getting toned abs is the ultimate workout goal for increasing numbers of men and women alike. Although there are many fitness plans advising on the best way to get that six pack, the reality is that it is a combination of factors that will lead to toned abs. Here are some of the top tips:


1. Eat Healthily
Everyone has abs, but usually they are hidden under layers of fat. They will never look toned and attractive if you carry on eating chocolate, candy and cakes. Tip number one is obvious, eat a healthy diet. Not just as a fad for a few weeks, but every day. That’s the best way to lose the extra weight that hides your abs from view.

2. Drink Water
Studies have shown that drinking lots of water throughout the day not only rehydrates the body effectively but boosts metabolism. Boosting your metabolic rate burns more fat which will make your abs show faster.

3. Cardio Exercise
Many people who are trying to tone their abs don’t realize that cardio exercise is needed too as well as specific toning exercises. Cardio burns fat and helps to reduce the extra stomach layer that prevents your abs from being noticed. It also boosts your metabolism to burn fat faster even when you stop exercising. Try swimming or jogging to promote fat burning.

4. Toning Exercises
This is the step that most people jump straight to without considering points 1 to 3 on this list, however all four steps must be carried out together for the best effect. Carrying out stomach crunches, reverse crunches and hanging leg raises are all excellent choices however you should concentrate not on how many you can achieve in each session but how effectively you are carrying out the exercise. Quality is key to achieving great toning. Using weights to increase the effectiveness of your regime will speed up how quickly you see results and repeating your routine at least three or four times a week is best for maintenance of toning.

5. Best Exercises For Abs
Here are some of the top ab toning exercises:

1. The plank
2. The side plank
3. Squats
4. Stomach crunches
5. Standing crunches
6. Bicycle crunches
7. Lower leg lifts

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