Dana Linn Bailey’s Diet And Tips

Dana Linn Bailey’sFitness and exercise have been an important part of life since the dawn of time. However, what was once necessary for survival is now treated more like a recreational choice or hobby. There was a time when humans needed to have strong, healthy bodies and good physiques in order to survive. In today’s society, we rely more heavily on doctors, medications and quick cures on internet wiki pages, rather than diet and exercise, to keep us alive and informed.

Still there are some people, like Mike Chang and newcomer to the fitness scene, Dana Linn Bailey, who are pioneering change in the fitness industry. Individuals like Chang and Bailey are finding unique ways to bring fitness to the forefront of American culture. They are teaching us, by example, what it means to be fit and healthy at any age. They are helping us to understand the importance as well as the rewards of exercising, following a good diet and being physically fit. These two individuals are not alone in their industry but they do stand out as leading professionals and stellar physically examples.

The Women Who Changed The Game Of Fitness

Linn Bailey’sDana Linn Bailey’s wiki biography on Wikipedia lists her as just a body builder and business owner but she is so much more. Bailey grew up playing sports since the age of five, including four years of soccer in college, before getting into weightlifting and body building. She has since made very long strides in her career as well as in the world of women’s professional body building. She has competed in and even won some of the toughest competitions in the fitness world including winning Ms. Physique Olympia in 2013.

Bailey works hard in her career but she works even harder to help others live healthy and fit lives. She is a team member of Six Pack Fitness, a company with a commitment to assisting athletes, bodybuilders and gym-goers in keeping to their diet, meal management and fit travel when they are on the road . Bailey’s efforts to inspire and support healthy, fit living in America extend beyond the gym and into her business life as well. She and her husband, Rob, own Flag Nor Fail a clothing line which specializes in various active wear and workout apparel. The couple spends much of their year traveling together and promoting the brand as well as encouraging others. Bailey has been quoted in saying that she is living her dream and she encourages others to do the same.

Dana Linn Bailey has endured her share of criticism since beginning her fitness career, including accusations of steroid use in her training. However, Bailey is a very strong individual inside as well as out. She has faced every adversity and obstacle put in her path and managed to make a life and career that she is pleased with and successful in. Bailey’s husband, Rob, claims that she is his inspiration. She is that to countless others in the United States and around the world.

With quality, professional athletes such as Dana working so hard in the world of fitness, new bars are being set every year. These people get inspired, work hard and achieve, thereby inspiring so many others. With each workout, they strive to reach a new height or set a new record. For individuals like Bailey, there is a fire burning within their souls, one that drives them to be better than the day before, to always improve, too push themselves beyond what even they thought possible. There is now end to the workout, no end the fitness. Health and strength are not a hobby but a way of life which can be started at any age.