What is flag nor fail and what does it mean?

​    Although the Flag Nor Fail brand was launched in 2011 as a one man operation in a single car garage, it has now grown into a well-known and successful business that is worn by people in the bodybuilding, fitness, and skateboarding communities all over the world. Rob Bailey was at a low point in his life when he decided to start screening t-shirts by hand. Within two months, the apparel emblazoned with the phrase, Flag Nor Fail, as well as other messages that expressed the same attitude, had attracted the attention of distributors. Today production is done within a 38,000 square foot warehouse, yet Rob still maintains a close eye on every item.

The Meaning behind this clothing line

​    The meaning behind it all is quite simple, though cryptic. Flag stands for surrendering, as in raising the white flag. No surrender and no failure. It’s a mindset. Don’t give up and continue working until you reach your ultimate goal.

fit girl in athletic apparel The Idea That Started It All

​    While discussing the future with his wife, bodybuilder Dana Linn Bailey, Rob realized they should combine both of their dreams into one. She wanted to be a model and open her own gym, while he wanted to start his own clothing line. He began promoting her on the bodybuilding circuit and looking into screen printing on the side. With only $400 to his name, he created his first batch of shirts and was shocked to see them quickly sell out.

This apparel and clothing line’s Difference

​Since day one all Flag Nor Fail products have been hand printed and limited edition. Although Rob has received offers from distributors all over the world to take on the production process, he refuses to become a brand full of mass produced products made overseas.Instead, everything is produced within his Leesburg, PA warehouse where he actively oversees all aspects of the process. He is responsible for the designs, web design, photography, and videos. His wife,Dana Linn Bailey,is now a member of the International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB), as well as being the face of Flag Nor Fail and holding responsibility for all social media aspects of the business. Together they travel the world and promote the business.

​    Due to being hand printed, no two products are exactly identical. While hand printing is what sets them apart from the competition, it also means that they have a limited quantity of products and in most cases when an item sells out, it is no longer reprinted. In fact, one division of line is known as “Under 100 Hundred”, which means that only 100 of each size will be printed for a particular design. Each item includes a handwritten tag with the number of the print and size. Once they are sold out, they are never printed again.

Today the line has grown to include much more than just t-shirts. They have everything from pullovers, sweatshirts, and sweatpants to maxi dresses, yoga pants, hats, scarves, and beanies. The line also includes iPhone cases, mugs, removable decals, duffle bags, and necklaces. Worn by everyone from bodybuilders to those with just a passing interest in fitness, Flag Nor Fail is destined to become even more popular.