How To Trim Up And Get A Six Pack If Your A Women

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A flat stomach is attractive and healthy. Clothes just fit better when your stomach is muscular and smooth. If you are wondering “How do girls get abs?” rest assured that it is possible. Below are some great ideas for getting sleek abdominal muscles quickly. Getting great abdominal muscles takes some dedication and work but it is possible.

Adjust the way you think and believe that flat abs are possible. Train your brain new and healthier ways of conducting your every day life. You will need to learn new habits, exercise often, and eat well.

Girls, Eat Right To Get Defined Abs Fast

Eat right every day. Cut out sugar, eat lean proteins, and indulge with lots of fruits and vegetables. Our bodies were not made to work efficiently while fueled on fast food, pop, and sugary desserts. Our brains and bodies will function at a higher capacity when we eat:

-plenty of lean protein so our muscles have lots to pull from while they are building

-plenty of fruits and veggies

-nuts and seeds

-drink A LOT of water-our bodies are made up mostly of water. Rehydrate often and you will feel less        hungry. Every bodily system operates more efficiently when properly hydrated.

Cut out sugary items. Our bodies don’t need:

-sugary drinks (this includes pop and energy drinks)

-sugar laden desserts and/or treats

-fast food

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Girls, Exercise Right To Get Defined Abs Fast

Many different exercises target abdominal muscles. Try different stomach exercises until you develop a personal routine where you get the most effective ab workout.

-Bicycle Workout-Lie on your back, lift your legs up, and peddle like you are riding a bike. Put your hands behind your head and when your right leg comes close to your face, reach and touch it with your left elbow. Vice versa with your left leg and right elbow.

-Crunches-There are many different variations of the basic crunch but they all involve contracting your ab muscles. It works well to rotate thru a variety of different crunches.

-Plank-This exercise is simple yet highly effective. Simply lie down on your stomach and then lift up with your weight being supported by your toes and forearms. You will start to feel the burn pretty quickly. Hold your weight and this position as long as you can.

-Leg Lifts-This exercise is another highly effective ab worker. Lay stretched out on your back, put your hands under your tush, then slowly left your legs until your body resembles an ‘L’. Contract your ab muscles, feel the burn, and then lay your legs back down. Repeat.

-Cardio-Getting your heart rate up is important. You will burn fat as well as calories. Try running a mile every day and work cardio exercise into your every day life. Park farther from stores and then walk quickly to the entrance. Hike with your dog. Play hide n seek with your kids. Everything you do to get your heart working counts as cardio. Have fun with trying to come up with new ways to experience cardio exercise.

Dana Linn Bailey (DLB) is an amazing example of how dedication and hard work can transform a body. Her abs are rock solid and flat as a pancake. She has been involved in sports her whole life, is an IFBB professional, and an entrepreneur. DLB understands that girls can get abs fast, it just takes some work. Eat right, exercise hard, and before you know it your body will be feeling healthier and clothes will be fitting better.

Work your abdominal muscles 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week to start. Work up to working your abs 5 days a week, then twice a day 5 days a week. Your heart, mind, and body will thank you.