Gym Apparel

Gym Apparel

More people than ever are concerned about their appearance at the gym and want to create the right impression. It has never been more important to choose the right clothes for working out, not only because you want to look great but because wearing the wrong clothes can lead to excess sweating and even accidents.

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What Not To Wear
Before we look at the ideal gym apparel, we need to think first about what not to wear to the gym. Many people make the mistake of choosing baggy sweatpants however, apart from the obvious lack of sex appeal, these can be a dangerous option. Baggy clothing may get caught on exercise equipment and lead to an accident or injury. Also, choosing an unattractive exercise outfit may lead to a less effective workout as it has been shown that feeling unattractive leads to low morale and low morale leads to poor quality exercising see this here.

Shorts are a good choice for both men and women, especially for sports that require lots of leg use such as running, cycling or using gym equipment. Tight fitting shorts will not become trapped in machinery and allow plenty of flexibility of movement. They are also cool to wear and allow for plenty of air circulation to reduce sweating.

Capri Pants
Knee length capri pants that are fitted to the skin have become a popular option among ladies recently. These are an excellent option for running sports and gym workouts as they will not become trapped in machinery yet still have the flexibility to allow complete movement of the legs. Many specially designed capri pants are now made of a breathable material that prevents excess sweating. Because they are fitted and have a slight compression effect they are flattering to wear, especially in a dark color, and look professional for working out.

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Yoga Pants
Although not ideal for jogging or using gym machinery, yoga pants are good for pilates, yoga or other floor workouts that demand flexibility but have no risk of entanglement. The slight flare at the ankle is flattering and they are made of stretchy material such as spandex which is comfortable to wear and makes you look great.

Tank Tops
Both men and women often go for tank tops for their workout. The reason behind this is that they are cooler to wear than a sleeved top and allow excellent air circulation reducing sweating. Specially designed workout tanks are made from breathable fabrics that enable excess moisture to be removed quickly away from the body making gym workouts more comfortable all round. Sleeved tops tend to impede movement, so a sleeveless top prevents this problem arising.

Sports Bras
Obviously, the need for a good sports bra is a unique women’s problem, but nevertheless it is one that needs addressing. Especially for larger chested women, choosing the right sports bra can be a problem. Jogging or other energetic sports can be painful without the right level of support so going for a specialist fitting could be the answer. Quality is worth paying for when it comes to choosing the right bra.

Training Shoes
It makes sense to invest in a sensible pair of training shoes that offer good support and are a good fit. Choosing shoes that have good cushioning will improve stability and may prevent injury from impact, especially for runners. Choosing shoes that have breathable uppers reduces sweating and makes wearing them to work out a lot more comfortable too.

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