Chang On How To Get Abs Fast

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Mike Chang is now very well known for his bodybuilding techniques and fitness shorts on Youtube on how to get abs. This web series has quickly made Mike a huge sensation, and has really brought his reputation out in the open. The real reason Mike has become so popular and has been set apart from the others, is his routine itself. In his workout videos, Mike hacks normal ab routines to pieces by introducing a very controversial ideal. That normal ab workouts will not help men who still have belly fat.

The real driving force behind this statement is that men who follow instructional videos that only show men who already have visible six pack abs, won’t be as effective for men who still have belly fat and do not have visible six packs. While the ab routines that they are watching, might improve ab muscles themselves, they do almost nothing to burn off the fat layers concealing those muscles. So men that are going through these workouts but nothing else, are only getting half the results they’re looking for. Mike instead shows men ab routines that can help maximize both building ab muscles, as well as burning fat layers off the stomach and chest areas.

In his videos titled “Six Pack Shortcuts,” Mike goes over how to maximize your exercises to both burn fat and build muscle, under two guiding principles. First, using your workouts to effectively burn calories, and second, eating enough calories within your diet to sustain muscle growth. Mike is very concerned about those who work out and then try to starve the fat off of them by not eating. He mentions this is a variety of videos and lets the viewer know that not eating is a sure fire way to lose muscle. So instead Mike focuses on burning calories in an effective manner instead of trying to cut these out entirely like other weight loss/muscle building routines.

The Six Pack Shortcuts Sensation

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Mike’s fitness routines are very focused on burning calories and fat, while still building muscle, however the routines are just as focused on how to do this while you’re not working out, as much as when you are. At first this may seem counter-intuitive, how can one burn fat and build muscle even when you are no longer working out? Mike’s answer is in hormones. Mike explains in his videos that he once had a friend who couldn’t get the sculpted muscles he was looking for. Even after months and months of training, dieting, working out, and taking vitamins, his friend could not get rid of the layer of belly fat to get to his well defined ab muscles. After getting down to the most basic of basics, Mike found that his friend couldn’t get the results he wanted due to an imbalance in his hormones.

These four key hormones that Mike discusses are; Testosterone, (the hormone that controls mos characteristics such as increased muscle, bone mass), Growth Hormone, (the hormone that regulates muscle growth and expenditure), Leptin, (the hormone that controls hunger and satiety), and finally  Adiponectin, (a hormone involved in regulating glucose levels and fatty acid breakdown). You can review and even download information about this from all over the internet, with these guiding principles Mike has carved out a nice little niche in the bodybuilding community.

So for those of you out there wondering “how to get abs” or those that are worried about an obnoxious layer of belly fat that you just can’t seem to lose, even if you’re working out daily, staying true to your diet, and even utilizing fantastic gym equipment. Then take a look at Mike Chang’s videos on Youtube “Six Pack Shortcuts” and see for yourself if his routines can make a change for your workouts today.