Rich Piana The Athlete Who Changed The Game

Known for his massive, cut, and heavily tattooed physique, Rich Piana makes it known through his numerous youtube videos that bodybuilding is a 24/7 365 days of the year job. While he admits that he hasn’t missed a workout in more than 30 years, he has made the time to develop a successful line of nutritional supplements, 5% Nutrition, as well as a clothing line associated with the brand. Although Rich has retired from the bodybuilding circuit, he remains a well-known name in the bodybuilding industry. Bodybuilding enthusiasts either love or hate him. Let’s look at why.

 The Arms Of A Buff Man!

Buff Man

There is no denying that the first thing you notice about this 5%er is his absolutely massive arms, which as of January 2015 measured 23 5/8 inches. Unfortunately, many bodybuilders point out that they have a strange shape and look unnatural. Piana does admit to using PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate), a filler that is used to enhance the muscles, but states he used it to fix aesthetic issues after tearing his bicep. However, many in the bodybuilding community believe he has also used synthol to create the appearance of larger biceps and triceps, though he adamantly denies this claim.

His Bodybuilding Career

Though he is now focused on growing his line of supplements, Rich Piana has participated in numerous competitions during his career. 2009 was an especially good year for him as he placed 1st at multiple events. The 2011 NPC National Championships proved to be his final bodybuilding competition. He finished in 11th place in the super heavyweight division.

You Have To Eat Big To Get Big

In a number of his Youtube videos Rich points out that you have to eat more if you want add size. On any typical day he eats 8 to 10 small meals a day with a focus on getting plenty of carbs before and after a workout and moving away from carbs as the day progresses. Also a big believer in the importance of nutritional supplementation, he is quick to point out that supplements should be used in addition to your meals, not in place of. Once a promoter of Mutant supplements, he left the company in 2013 to start his own company. This led to the launch of Rich Piana 5% Nutrition supplements in 2014, which he frequently touts in his videos. Popular products include Kill It, an all in one pre training drink, and ALLDAYUMAY, a growth and body recovery supplement.

Branching Out

Definitely one of the most charismatic bodybuilders around with a larger than life persona, Rich uses this to his advantage. His YouTube videos have been viewed more than 54 million times and he is a frequent discussion topic on numerous bodybuilding forums. Additionally, although it is a new supplement line, 5% Nutrition has become so popular that it has branched out to include clothing and other gear.

Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying that Mr Piana is a popular name within the bodybuilding community.