Rich and his synthol use

Rich Piana is an extremely well known professional body builder and actor. His physique has helped him achieve fame and popularity in the bodybuilding industry, in particular, the size of his arms. There is a darker side to all of the fame though. People have questioned how he achieved his physique and rumours that it was through steroids were true to a certain extent. Did he use steroids or synthol, or magic? What did he use? There are a few factors that are controversial.

The first factor is that he is genetically blessed, and as he has been training since he was eleven years old, this has put him ahead of many of his peers of the same age. This would create muscle maturity and development that many of his competitors simply do not have. He would also have extensive knowledge about what does and doesn’t work for him as well as nutrition and supplement information. Dd he abuse his knowledge and use substances that were known to be banned or otherwise frowned upon even if they weren’t illegal?

Second factor is the extensive and confessional use of steroids on his part. Before he admitted his use of steroids, many suspected he did abuse steroids despite the many side effects and issues with steroid use. His gains were even more incredible, but he suffered some of the negative symptoms from the abuse of steroids. These symptoms can include the infamous ‘roid rage and anemia and it has been known to inhibit the creation of sex glands, which I would think almost defeats the purpose of training so intensely.

Rich Piana has admitted to the use of synthol, and it makes you wonder why? Whats the point of it all? He has been an inspiration to many for his persistence and perseverance and his get money or die trying attitude. Yet his pursuit of such a grotesque physique suggests some inner issue that he needs to face first. Why work so hard your entire life only to be remembered as a weird, monstrous freak?